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Hi my name is Vanessa and here is a bit about myself...

I have always been interested and had skills in visual arts which is how my study of photography started. Although I can remember further back than that getting my first camera which was a fluro-pink film camera that I had to wind every time I took a new photo. When digital cameras came out you couldn’t stop me taking photos- mostly of things in my everyday life. My passion for photography only grew as I learnt more and honed my skills.

Another love of mine is children, and taking photos of the different stages of their lives became the start of my photography business. My business has grown and I love taking photos of anything and everything. From newborn bubs to family to weddings it’s a privilege taking photos of the different stages of people’s lives. I like to take lots of candid shots and close ups of detail so as to capture people’s personality, or the feel of the day and to tell a story.

I have recently relocated to Kangaroo Valley, NSW so I am now photographing in the Southern Highlands, Illawarra and South Coast as well as Sydney and the surrounding suburbs.

I look forward to meeting you,